What are Video Poker Variations

By 22 July 2021

Today, there exist a wide range of video poker variations, from Double Joker poker to Jacks or Better machines with progressive jackpots. On sites like online-casinocanada.com/ , video poker looks so simple and basic, but there is an endless selection of games when you decide dig deeper. With video poker, there are some aspects like variations that determine success.

Video Poker Machines

When choosing the type of video machine, you need to check out for a number of variables — willingness to learn complex strategies and tolerance for variance. You need to decide whether you are after bigger jackpots or regular games with smaller payouts. Some of the factors you should look out for in video poker machines are:

  • Availability of bonuses
  • Rate of payouts
  • Security of your funds

It is also important to follow a video poker guide if you are a beginner. Do not rush into playing the game without having the necessary knowledge and information about it. Whether you are playing video poker online or in a land-based casino, you need to be aware of the guidelines. Go through them before playing.

Types of Video Poker

There is an endless list of video poker games available. They are however, classified into two major categories: multi deck machines and regular single hand games. In casinos, the most common type of video poker games are single hand games. In these games, gamblers are dealt a single board of cards using one deck.

Multi deck video poker games on the other hand, fill up the screen with a wide range of unique hands. The payouts in these games depend on the specific type of game you are playing. Essentially, the more money risked, the higher the potential payout. It works just like any other slot game.

Playing Video Poker

Even thou video poker is largely played in land-based casinos, playing it online is just as fun. For those looking to play online video poker for money, there are plenty of options to choose from. It is, however, important to note that with online video poker, there is no specific or fixed approach.

You need to have an open mind when playing video poker. Those playing online video poker for money need to be even more careful. There are certain aspects that can greatly determine how effective you are in video poker. Apart from personal experience, below are some of the other factors that shape an outcome:

  • State of the slot machine
  • Bonuses and payouts
  • Casino site regulations

Jackpots in Video Poker

When it comes to jackpots, video poker is a gold mine. Jackpots in video poker are won when a gambler manages to hit the Royal Flush. Even thou the general rule of a maximum payout applies, it is not the solidary way that huge jackpots are won in video poker and slot games.

There are some games with specific hands that give hefty payouts. Interestingly, these games are not necessarily difficult to play. There are games that payout for specific combination of hands and there are others that give bonuses when certain hands are made. All of these factors contribute to the winning of a video poker jackpot.

  • The slot machine should be functioning correctly
  • You need to have knowledge of the video game

Video Poker Bonuses

Video poker games could easily be one of those that give the most lucrative bonuses. Some video poker games pay bonuses if certain hand combinations are made. The advantage with these games is that there is a wide range of games to choose from. You have access to all sorts of unique games.

What you need to know about progressive video poker machines is that they can sometimes be very profitable. For a video poker machine to be profitable, however, it will have to remain unhit for a long period of time. Once the machine resets the jackpot, chances of returning a positive return are very low.